Growing a family business can be an enriching experience, and the knowledge that you have built something that can provide for your family for years to come is hugely satisfying.

Have an exciting new venture in your mind? Congratulations, you are in the right place. So why should you need us? 

Well, there are at least three reasons:

  • The family dynamic adds a layer of complexity to business and family relationships, which may give rise to particular pitfalls. A failure to prepare for or address these issues can destroy the family business and the family.
  • We have a background and long experience in family businesses and have expertise in resolving the multifaceted issues that arise in family businesses.
  • Take advantage of the free Family Business Diagnosis Session that our firm is offering you.

We provide consultancy and advisory services, with a particular focus on the areas of asset protection, family business planning, inheritance planning, succession planning and family settlements nationally and internationally.

Our Private Client service is tailored to each individual need.

What we do:

  • Wealth & Succession planning
  • Family business governance and Family Constitutions
  • Trusts laws and trust planning
  • International asset engineering
  • Relocation, Immigration and mobility of people
  • Assets and business structuring in relation to extraordinary operations
  • Art, Collectable goods, Yachting and Trophy assets
  • Real Estate
  • Trophy assets
  • Compliance for Private Clients
  • Sports Law
  • Charities, Philanthropy and Mental capacity
  • International Private Law, asset preservation
  • Family Law
  • Family Office
  • Litigation and dispute resolutions

Our strength is built on consolidated experience in an international arena. We offer legal and tax advice on all aspects of trusts, companies and estate planning, as well as providing assistance to the trustees, settlors, beneficiaries and founders.

Furthermore, we can offer all the tools necessary for estate planning and insurance, extending our activities to charities and philanthropic projects, including non-profit organizations.

Our teams work with efficiency together from our various offices, often involving our international correspondents.

We work in connection with banks and financial intermediaries, both at the domestic or European and international levels.

We have a wealth of experience. Our professionals contribute actively to the international community with research papers, and articles and are selected as keynote speakers.

Our firm is proud to be top-ranked in many international directories.